An Elf's Adventures in the City State of Baron GayLord.
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06 May 2005

Baron Gaylord Returns

I was still lying on the ground amongst the dust that had previously been Queen Phealmahtites and her chariots. I heard a loud cry of victory lift from the battle field. When the Queen had returned to dust, so had her army. I had saved the day.

Still, there were casulties to see too, and I was one of the few medical practitioners in the camp.

I headed immediately to the surgury area, where I had a fellow Doctor apply honey and some wrappings to my wounds. I didn't want to be bleeding on the patients as they were brought in.

The next few hours consisted of washing and dressing wounds. Where we needed to, we sewed a wound to stop the bleeding. Some men were missing limbs. We used fire to stop the bleeding in these cases. Othermen had broken bones from the impact of the enemies charges.

While I was busy working, Baron Gaylord, who had survived the carnage, was busy finding more wounded on the battlefield. The vultures and corvus had gathered to pick the flesh off the dead and wounded men. Some men too wounded to stand, would call to their comrades in the hope that they'd get found before the birds would come to peck at them.

Those who were found, and still had some hope would be brought to surgury. The dead were pilled in the middle of the battlefield. These warriors would not be returned home. Their bodies would be burnt before the day was out, and their bones buried in a small barrow.

As the day grew old, the wounded became less, and I had a moment to stop for a while. The weight of the day had drained me more than I had thought. I needed to find my tent to get some rest.

The smell of burning corpses filled the air. I stopped on the way back to my tent to check one of the wounded. He was propped up against wagon. I had remembered cleaning his head and bandaging it early in the day. Alas, it was not enough. During the heat of the day, he'd expired. I hadn't given him much hope before when I'd seen him. The hit to his head had cracked his skull. His survival would have been miraculous, even if he'd only lived through the night.

"Doctor", cried an approaching warrior. "Is he alright?"
I just shook my head, and continued on my way. The warrior picked up his fallen friend and placed him gently in the back of the wagon. Many others would join him during the night.


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Blogger Ashish C. said...

Not much for comments here huh?

9:48 pm  
Blogger Ashish C. said...

Not much for comments here huh?

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Ashish - I stopped updating this a year ago! lol

Seemed that not many people thought it was that funny! lol

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