An Elf's Adventures in the City State of Baron GayLord.
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03 May 2005

The Day of Battle

In the morning I awoke early. I had to get the surgury area ready for any casulties which might occur during the ensuing battle. I was amazed that the warriors were able to get up at all. The night had contained some very harsh partying and reveling. Still, they managed to get up and battle ready without any problems.

They began assembling on a ridge just outside of the camp. Once the surgury area was ready, I climbed the small earth and wood wall which had been erected around the camp. I could see Gaylord's army clearly. Phealmahtites army was still standing where they had been the night before. I'm not sure if they had even moved. One thing was for sure though, it had grown in numbers since I'd last seen them. We were now out numbered three to one.

Gaylords main troup consisted of three units of foot warriors assembled in the middle. To the left he'd placed his archers and some small artilary. To the far right he lined up with the heavy cavalry, with a smaller light cavalry unit behind them.

The undead army on the other hand was lined up with four light cavalry units in the centre. To my left, standing within her chariot was Queen Phealmahtites. She had three heavy chariot units with her. Opposite our archers, were three archery units. Directly in front of Gaylord's cavalry was the mass of twelve units of spearmen.

We didn't have long to wait. Gaylord gave the command, and the artillary began firing into the units of undead archers. These creatures feared nothing, and stood their ground. It seemed that as soon as one was taken out by a cannon shot, that another one arose to take it's place.

The undead spearmen started a slow march towards Baron Gaylord and his cavalry. As they closed in, a sudden shout came from Queen Phealmahtites. As if one person, her cavalry and chariots began moving towards the line of Gaylords footmen and archers. She had timed it so that her spearmen would get to Gaylords cavalry at the same time that her cavalry units hit Gaylords footmen.

Gaylord was on top of it. With a command his light cavalry started a slow trot behind the lines. The heavy cavalry then wheeled left and began a trot in front of the lines. They just managed to move before the undead spearmen could get to them. Gaylord's footmen shuffled along. They were making a space in the line where the light cavalry would pass.

A blast of trumpets from Gaylord's Heavy cavalry and they changed direction towards the undead cavalry and broke into a charge. Gaylord's light cavalry broke through as well, and was heading directly for Queen Phealmahtites chariots. By this stage, the chariots were up to a charge as well. From where I was standing, it was as though two mightly waves hit each other full force. I could see bones, weapons and bodies thrown into the air, only to come back down amongst the melee.

Gaylord's heavy cavalry hit the undead cavlary in the side. This caused great penetration into the ranks of the undead. Still, Gaylord's flank and rear were unprotected from the mass of undead spearmen heading their way. Gaylord's footmen were going to have to move faster in order to protect Gaylord's heavy cavalry.

The mass of undead spearmen assaulted into the melee taking out some of the back ranks of heavy cavalry. Gaylord's footmen arrived and assaulted into the side of the undead spearmen. I was sure Gaylord and his men would be swallowed up in the sea of undead.

From out of the melee, Queen Phealmahtites and a contingent of her chariots broke free and were heading straight towards the camp. I knew I would have to act quickly.


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