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29 April 2005

Awakening of the Great Pharoah

Some stupid humans who were out adventuring have caused great problems. Apparently, while raiding the Great Pyramid of Rockcheops, they came across the tomb of the Great Pharoah Pnutsferballs. They accidently awoke the High Priest Bonkinyerwife-Behindyurbak. The High Priest in turn awoke the Pharoah and his Queen, Phealmahtites.

Great Pyramid of Rockcheops Posted by Hello
I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a map detailing the entrance to the tomb and some of the first level. As you know tomb is a well known spot for musicians to travel to as pilgrams. On a lot of occassions those musicians have gotten lost in and around the tomb. Many a time I have informed the less wise musician to know their Rockcheops. Still, some of them won't listen, and we can only imagine their embarassment of being caught in the same old traps.
We must stop the Priest and Pharoah from raising their undead army and assaulting the world. After all, Bonkinyerwife-Behindyurbak has lead to all sorts of problems in the past. We managed to put that behind us before. It is sad that we learn that Bonkinyerwife has once again been discovered. I'd hate for the general public to find out about it, it could prove embarrasing for all involved.
I will leave you to handle the rumours that might circulate about our Pnutsferballs problems. I'm sure you can handle these. After all, they aren't big at the moment. Some might even say, miniscule. They may get out of hand, but I am hoping if they do, they will remain quite small.
As for Phealmahtites, it leaves me red faced that I know it's happened again. 'Tites (shortened version of her name)has once again broken lose for all to see. Still, we hope to find ways to get 'Tites back under wraps. Hopefully a minimal amount of people will see 'Tities before we can get a hand on this problem.
I will send another report once more information comes to hand.


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