An Elf's Adventures in the City State of Baron GayLord.
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01 May 2005

Parade of Warriors

Well, I guess with the news of the awoken Undead Army reaching Gaylord's City State they are preparing for battle. They held a great procession today, where the warriors danced around on floats and paraded down the main street. The street was in turn decorated in bright colours. Mainly pinks and mauves.

Most of those warriors seemed very friendly with each other. I was amazed that there were so many. The Amazonians rode in wearing leather outfits and leather hats on fine war horses. Quite a sight to see.

During the parade, one of the warriors yelled to me, "Show me your back door."
I called back, "It's just down that alley and turn left."
He called back, "Turn left into what?"
I replied, "I have a back passage there! Just come into the back passage. You'll see my backdoor soon enough."
I assumed he was after some medicinal advice. Possibly wanting to know where my back door was, as it might have been of an embarrassing nature. Still, he could have been more discrete. Yelling out the question in the middle of a parade is not very discrete.

The Gay Warrior Guild's Disco was open till the early hours. I am still amazed that so few of their wives attend this venue. I would have thought they would have spent time with their spouses before running off to battle. Still, they seemed to be very happy, with everyone having a gay time.

Several of them had to come to the practice the next morning. Apparently, during all the excitement, a bear had attacked them with a gigantic tool of some sort. I didn't pick up the particulars of it. I was amazed that a wild animal would have been allowed into the disco at all. The fact that someone had attached a "tool" of some discription to it was even more fool hardy. Still, the animal had particular aim for their bottoms. It seemed to have ripped rather large holes in their ... um ... holes. Still, I stitched them up. They will find it hard sitting in the saddle for a few weeks. Hopefully they will perform well in the ensuing melees.


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