An Elf's Adventures in the City State of Baron GayLord.
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30 April 2005

The Gathering Armies

It appears that the awakened armies are gathering force. Phealmahtites has been gathering huge masses to herself. I don't think I've seen one as big as her's before. 'Tites are really massive. We may need several generals, as I imagine 'Tites will be too much for one man to handle.

Bonkinyerwife-Behindyurbak has expended great energies. Bonkinyerwife has previously brought great happiness to many. Obviously, this time it might be different, now that he has been awoken, and also awoken the great Pharoah. The High Priest has also gathered great forces and many have lined up for Bonkinyerwife. It will be interesting to see exactly how many that will be.

In the meantime, the Pharoah himself, Pnutsferballs, has been hard to find. Some have searched to see him, but it is difficult to see Pnutsferballs. My spies have been unable to inform me of Pnutsferballs whereabouts. They know he is there somewhere, but he seems obscured.

In the meantime, it looks like the City State here has heard of the gathering forces. I beleive that the human adventurers who awoke Bonkinyerwife, have returned, and are telling everyone about it. Each seems to have their own story about Bonkinyerwife and their part in it. I feel they are covering something up. Maybe they have more experience with Bonkinyerwife-Behindyurbak than any of us expected. I would not be surprised if the whole thing was deliberate, and they had had every intension of penetrating the tomb in order to get to Bonkinyerwife.

So I guess in summary:
'Tites are getting bigger than ever before.
We are having difficulty locating Pnutsferballs.
Large crowds are gathering for Bonkinyerwife-Behindyurbak.

We will see if the Baron Gaylord can raise a suitable army here in the city state to be of any effect. Can Gaylord locate Pnutsferballs? Will he take 'Tites in both hands and give her a decisive blow? And what about Bonkinyerwife? How will Gaylord handle that?


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