An Elf's Adventures in the City State of Baron GayLord.
Read from start to ensure you follow what is happening

04 May 2005

I knew I had to act quickly.

I lept down the earthen embankment as fast as I could. The gate to the camp was still open. Several of the camp guards began to shut the gate. Still, I had an idea.
"Leave the gate. Grab that rope!", I shouted at them. "You! Get the unit lining up just over there!"
I pointed to a position about twenty feet inside the gate. I grabbed the rope with the other men.
"We need to position this on the ground just behind the gate. When the chariots come through, we want to trip the horses.", I yelled as I stretched the rope where I had indicated.
The guards nodded. They understood what I wanted done. Another warrior tied the opposite end of the rope into a brass tent peg in the ground. The tent peg was about four foot long, with two feet of that beneath the ground already. I was hoping it would hold.
We didn't have long to wait. We'd only just got into place when the chariots reached the camp. A group of about ten warriors with me pulled as hard as we could on the rope as the chariot entered the camp. It wasn't enough. The chariot's horses stumbled and lost their footing, but the ten warriors and myself were pulled across the ground.

As the horses stumbled, the other chariots rode into the back of the first chariot. It was enough to cause some to flip, and others to stop dead. Still, the ten men and myself found ourselves almost under the hooves of these undead horses.

The rest of the warriors charged forward, and if it wasn't for them I and the ten men on the ground probably would have been trampled to dust. I could see through the dust that the brass tent peg had been severly bent over from the impact on the rope. The undead horses might be no more than skeletons, but they still pack some mighty power.

I crawled my way out from the dust and carnage. I was spluttering a bit, with the dust in my lungs and eyes. I didn't realise at the time, but being dragged across the ground had caused my arms and face to be severly grazed. I'd lost a lot of skin from my arms. Still, I don't think I felt the pain, as I was more in fear for my life. As you know, sister and brother elves, I obviously survived the battle, or I would not be writing to you now.

I was away from the main fracas before I had courage to turn and face the skirmish behind me. I saw Queen Phealmahtites easily hacking down warrior after warrior. Though most of her contingent had been returned to dust and bone, she was still standing. It was like she was impervious to normal blades and spears.

It was at this point that I remembered that only a sharped Ankh to the heart could bring her down. Alas, we were unequiped with such a weapon. Then I struck on the idea of making one. The brass tent pegs had a round loop on the end, much like the loop of an Ankh. I just needed to find something to complete the cross. I grabbed an unused tent peg and spied one of the undead spears on the ground. I had no difficulty getting to it, and snapped it in half across my leg. I then rammed the tent peg into the half spear, trying to use the spear to make the Ankh's cross. Alas, the spear split in two down the middle, making two slivers of wood. I needed something to tie it to the tent peg.

I tore a piece of cloth off my tunic. It was already partly torn from being dragged across the ground. I used this to easily tie the wooden slivers to the tent peg. My ankh was made.

The other warriors continued battling against the Queen. I knew I only had one chance to ram this ankh home. I ran screaming at the top of my lungs at the Queen. She was standing amongst the ruins of the undead chariots. I used the debris of a chariot to run up. It helped accentuate my leap, as I let out another blood curdling scream. I was coming down on her, as she turned towards my scream. The ankh came down, the point penetrating right into her bossum.

The impact brought us both to the ground. She looked at me stunned.
"An elfffffff!", she whispered, the words sounding as confused the look on her face.
"Yes", I replied. I didn't know what else to say as she crumbled to dust beneath me.


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